Cruise Holidays of Oakville


Is Travel Your Passion? Why Not Make it Your Next Career!

We are My Luxury Cruises Inc. operating two store-front travel agencies in Ontario under the banner of Cruise Holidays; Oakville and Toronto.  Additionally, our team of 20 Independent Contractors serve clients across the country from home bases in Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia.

Our goal is not to become the largest host agency around but to remain as a “boutique” host agency with a strong focus on cruises and luxury travel while providing an environment where everyone is a member of the team – working together, supporting each other and growing successfully together. We welcome independent travel consultants of all experience levels, including those who are new to the industry, seasoned professionals, consultants working with a team.



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Cruise Holidays of Oakville  is a division of My Luxury Cruise Inc. 267 Lakeshore Rd. E. , Oakville, ON